Flourish Mindset offers a holistic approach to therapy that takes the whole person into consideration. They specialize in cutting-edge therapies that are supported by research and can yield faster results than traditional talk therapy.

When the owners of Flourish Mindset reached out to us about branding their new therapy practice, they were looking for someone who would give them an individualized approach and would work to understand their specific vision for their brand. Their visual identity needed to be formal enough to be appropriate for a medical practice, but it also needed to feel safe & approachable. So we used a mix of clean & calm design elements, simple illustrative accents, and slightly trendy touches to hone in on their ideal audience and find the perfect balance for them.

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the industry: marriage & family Therapy

the vibes:  Mindful. Growth-oriented. Contemporary. Safe-feeling. 

the scope:  Brand design, semi-custom site design

Flourish Mindset

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