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Dive into our treasure trove of free resources designed to help you elevate your brand and streamline your online presence. Whether you’re polishing up your website, refining your branding strategy, or enhancing your photos, these tools are crafted to provide clarity and help you elevate your business with quick & easy updates. Let us share a little bit of Schematic magic with you!

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The Branding Report Card

If you're worried that your branding isn't saying what you want it to say, or you're just not feeling confident putting it out there, then a quick audit is what you need. The Branding Report Card will help you identify any blind spots that might be working against you - then tells you how to get back on track.

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The Website Report Card

Maybe you designed your own website, or maybe you worked with a designer once upon a time and haven't updated your site in a while. We all need a refresh from time to time - and this Website Report Card will help you to figure out just what needs a little jazzing up.

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Our Favorite Lightroom Presets

Get access to the two main presets that we use for most of our photos to give them a warm, slightly film-y, beachy look.

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Want to learn more about design & go behind the scenes of running a creative business?

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