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We’re Schematic —
a design studio inspired by all things architecture, established for small businesses ready to build fun brands rooted in stewardship and trust. 

Rendering brands that inspire trust so you can raise your ceiling.

get to know schematic.

As an architecture grad-turned-web-designer, 
I often get asked, what does one have to do with the other?

I’m Carly. Lead Designer + Creative Director

When you’re an architect designing a building, you have to thoughtfully create every element with intention. (Because who needs more ugly buildings? Or worse, pretty ones with poor foundations?)

Architects use a mix of logical and creative thinking to create interesting yet functional structures, and have to consider every scale of detail from the texture of a handrail to the facade of a skyscraper. In other words, you have to be brilliant at putting yourself in others’ shoes in order to create a user-friendly experience.

Building brands and websites is just the same.

That’s why I combine the function-oriented creative principles I've been trained in over the years (former dancer, ukulele-er, lighting designer, and animator right here - wasn’t kidding when I said I was multi-passionate!) to build knock-out brands, websites, and other marketing collateral.

This business started when a friend asked me to design a logo for her event planning business, and I fell MADLY in love. All the dots connected, from my critical design education to the many creative outlets I’d pursued, and it was like the universe was pointing me in a clear direction. So here we are, designing brands for business owners like you who need clarity, confidence, and direction as they step into greatness.

What I love most is helping small businesses build something bigger than themselves. Growing up with a self-employed mom, I had a front-seat view of the ways that small business can completely transform a family’s life, and impact the communities they’re a part of. I truly believe that your business can - and will - have a powerful impact. And frankly, it’s just an honor to play a part in helping you find your people and have fun growing your business. 

We’re going to get along great if you’re serious about play but ready to do the work of taking your brand to new heights. Let’s do this!

Outside of work, here are a few facts about me:

A prized possession:

My first and last pairs of pointe shoes - plus the pair I tie-dyed that one time

drink of choice:

A cucumber 
gin rickey

favorite movie:

High Society,
with Grace Kelly &
Louis Armstrong

favorite ice cream:

Salted peanut butter
ice cream with
strawberry jam

We get you, and we can’t wait to design the kind of 
brand that you love dwelling in and calling home.

Let’s make a game plan for your brand.

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