branding + collateral design

As a new restaurant located on Charlottesville's downtown mall, Tonic works with local producers to bring the best of Central Virginia to the plate. Their outdoor patio is an urban oasis that invites visitors to stay a while in its stylish, natural, yet accessible environment. 

Tonic's menu is heavily inspired by Scandinavian influences, so we designed their branding to reflect the signature sense of cozy minimalism & simplicity that is inherent to Scandinavian design - with an added touch of warmth & approachability. 

modern.  chill.  scandinavian-inspired.

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Photo by Tom McGovern

“I feel like Carly 'got it' from day one. She was SO THOROUGH! She was able to get our ideas around food and the space into print, which is huge for us. I feel like the branding is exactly what I wanted, but couldn't articulate.”

- Courtenay Tyler, owner of tonic