Eating & Moving For Your Cycle

branding, Collateral, + website design

Eating & Moving for your Cycle creates a space for people who cycle to feel whole and happy, and to learn how to love their natural fluctuations. For menstruating people of all ages, this book brings clarity to an intricate subject that is often overlooked, and in doing so, empowers them to embrace their cycle - which is often positioned as a point of weakness or inconvenience - as a superpower.

The goal for branding this book was to feel feminine, yet strong. To achieve this, we used clean and bold typography & layouts, and used simple abstract icons to symbolize different phases of one's cycle.

modern.  energetic.  simple.

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“Carly is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her process is flawless, and allows for adjustments along the way so that both you and your target audience get a product that conveys your companies mission and values. She also makes the process both easy and fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

- kailee karst, dpt