Audra Jones Photography

branding + collateral design

Audra Jones Photography offers wedding & boudoir photography with a sense of timeless romance, providing an elevated & artful experience for her clients. By investing in her clients and cherishing their stories, Audra helps to reveal the complexity & imperfect beauty held within moments, and the people who share them.

With Audra's branding, we struck a balance between an elevated, fine art feel and a sense of slightly-imperfect authenticity. We chose elegant, delicate serif fonts, applied an ink-stamped texture for a tactile feel, and added custom illustrations that had symbolic relevance to Audra's artistic approach.

Genuine.  romantic.  fine art.

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“Working with Carly to develop my brand was one of the best decisions I made for my business! As soon as I started implementing the new branding & creative collateral across my social media & website, I began receiving leads that specifically mentioned reaching out to me BECAUSE of my branding!

I'm so incredibly grateful to her for helping me take my small business to the next level!" 

- audra