Arley Cakes

branding + website design

Through the creation & sale of beautiful custom baked goods, Arley Cakes provides an accessible way for politically active Richmond-ers to use their money for equity within their everyday lives.

Arley's new brand presence needed to feel warm and sincere, and also needed to work well alongside the playfully strong yet simple aesthetic of her culinary creations. We used a dynamic combination of fonts, as well as layering a signature hand-drawn effect over her key photos, to create a modern and engaging online home for her.

warm.  fun.  caring.

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“The whole process really was so thoughtful and thorough. Really honing in on the why behind my business, and communicating that in a way that feels genuine. My website doesn’t feel like a pitch, it’s a captivating story. I love that! This investment is one of the best I’ve made for my business!”

- arley